• Homeowners will be required to conform to the Estate’s Home Owners Association rules.

  • Levies of R2800 p/m which cover, security, including a 24 hr guard at the entrance gatehouse, irrigation and landscaping services to the common area, maintenance. 

  • In order to protect the many ground-feeding birds and young waterfowl, we have reluctantly decided that cats will not be welcome on the Estate.

  • Dogs will be welcome.

  • Estate has 24hr guards linked to armed response. 

  • Access control for guests and contractors.

  • Perimeter secured by Beta and 16 strand electric fence.

  • A number of infra-red cameras and motion detector flood lights strategically positioned along the fence line.


In order to achieve our vision, landowners will need to adhere to the Estates’ architectural style and recommendations.


  • The architecture will be substantially similar to the pictures you see with wide verandas suitable for our hot climate.

  • Roofs will be blue/grey and walls a sandstone colour or similar.

  • In order to preserve the views from each plot, only single storey homes may be built on the lower properties. Double storey homes may only be built on the top sites along the hilltop boundary.

  • Waterfront properties may only build low visibility fences on the waterside boundary to minimize their effect on their neighbours.

  • The entire estate will be surrounded by an electric security fence.There will be an attractive entrance feature with a permanently manned gatehouse and boom system. There will an intercom system to allow the security guard to clear visitors with homeowners.

  • Properties need not be walled. Homeowners electing to build walls will be restricted to a maximum height of 1200 mm which we hope will be screened by greenery.

  • The Ballito town planning rule allows for a coverage of 30%  and FAR of 35% for the properties allowed to build double storey houses. 

  • Dog owners will be required to keep their pets in secure areas to prevent them roaming.



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