The vision for Birdhaven emerged from our love for South Africa’s indigenous forests and bird life. Over two decades, five hectares of bare sugar cane field was transformed into bountiful, beautiful forest: magnificent trees, flowering plants, and home to some 150 species of bird.


Birdhaven is the place of dreams, which is why we wanted to share it with you.


So, welcome. We look forward to meeting you.


Mike and Mary Graham.

Founders of Birdhaven. 



Birdhaven is a private, boutique estate hidden in the heart of Sheffield Beach, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.


An exclusive number of plots, each with its own unique attributes, have been made available within this beautifully forested estate.


Choose between waterfront facing views brought to life by well-established ponds and thriving associated eco-systems, plots hugged-around by forest, alive with bird-song in dappled sunlight, or views that embrace the sea and Sheffield valley.


Birds Eye View of Birdhaven Estate